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About us

The Magic Beauty Salon


We are a center of relaxation and wellbeing based in Beltsville / Maryland, dedicated to bringing you the best multisensory experiences in excellent and comfortable spaces of relaxation.We work with the latest techniques and trends, to revitalize your body and improve your figure in pleasant spaces where they will be treated by professionals in relaxation, beauty and health.


THE MAGIC BEAUTY SALON, is a company dedicated to the provision of beauty, wellness and health facial and body treatments using products, techniques and trained appropriate technology in order to satisfy our clients.


By 2020 THE MAGIC BEAUTY SALON, is a leading company at the state level in the provision of facial and body using the best techniques, products and technologies with a highly qualified team that guarantees quality and satisfaction our customers.

Quality politics

THE MAGIC BEAUTY SALON , offers beauty services offering our customers, welfare, health, and timely care, with efficient processes, competent staff, appropriate technology and meeting the requirements continuous improvement in our processes that allow them our customers more comfort and safety.
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